Chimney Work

Keep Your Chimney Standing Tall

Keep Your Chimney Standing Tall

That may require chimney repair services in Paramus, NJ

Your chimney may look strong, but it needs routine care to continue working the way it should. Damage could lead to serious safety hazards. That's why Bardho Group, LLC offers extensive chimney repair services in Paramus, NJ. We know chimneys inside and out. Any issues will be quickly identified and fixed when you work with us.

Learn more about our chimney repair services now by calling 201-757-9715.

Get the low-down on liners

Has your chimney liner seen better days? You'll want a new chimney liner installation as soon as possible. This clay, ceramic or metal piece is designed to:

  • Contain combustion particles
  • Guide smoke up the chimney
  • Protect your chimney from damage

Our team can assess your current liner while making repairs and advise you on whether you need a new one. Consult a chimney liner installation in Paramus, NJ today. We'll give you sound advice and a free estimate.